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Become a trusted, in-demand aesthetic injector

Shadow and train with an award-winning, board-certified physician associate to build the business—and reputation—you’ve dreamed of.

There are a lot of bogus certification programs out there

Many corporate injector training companies are out to make a quick buck—peddling weekend-long Botox certification programs that give you zero hands-on experience. (And just as much confidence.)

And potential clients are rightfully wary, which means you need to level up your skills and build a solid reputation for yourself.

The result? A mass of poorly trained injectors giving our industry a bad name.

We can do better

This is a medical profession—not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The good news is you can earn an excellent income. But first, you have to earn your clients’ trust.

How do you do that? By developing your skills, experience, and bedside manner the tried-and-true way: by training with an expert-level peer.

Courtney Moseley, The Plastic PA watching a happy client smiling at their reflection in a handheld mirror
headshot of Courtney Moseley, The Plastic PA

Courtney Moseley

aka The Plastic PA™

  • 10+ years of practice
  • 20,000 injections
  • Voted “Top 100 Injector in America”
  • #1 Sculptra® injector in Charlotte
  • National trainer of aesthetic injectables
  • 90+ 5-star Google reviews

You can change lives for a living

while working on your schedule and making more money

When I first started out as a PA, I missed my daughter’s surgery because of an unforgiving work schedule. Now, I never miss out on family time, and I earn 8x as much as I did when I entered the profession.

For me, the “secret” was training with experts years ahead of me. I trained with top injectors, anatomists, and key opinion leaders nationwide, including Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, Julie Horne, Dr. Shino Bay, Dr. Raj Acquilla, and more.

I continue to learn from other experts (always will!) while offering a high-touch medical aesthetics education on advanced techniques and effective business strategies to my newer peers.

Because I believe in a world where the medical aesthetics field supports emerging professionals with thorough, high-quality training—no fake certificates necessary.

This can be a dream job in medicine.

And the life that will change the most? Is yours.

Courtney Moseley, The Plastic PA watching a happy client smiling at their reflection in a handheld mirror

“I highly recommend Courtney as she is an expert in her field as well as being a GAIN trainer for Galderma.

I had the absolute pleasure of shadowing with Courtney in Charlotte. I had such a great experience, I flew her to my clinic in New York to do a hands-on training for myself and other injectors in my area. She is so knowledgeable in her field including expert injection techniques, business tips, and dermatology education.

headshot of Francesca Scutari

— Francesca Scutari, NP-C

four years in injectables

Hands-on training

Learn advanced techniques & gain a mentor

One-on-one training to practice and improve your techniques so you can confidently assess, guide, and treat your patients.

You’ll receive ongoing mentorship long after your training is over, including email or text support whenever you need extra guidance.

Courtney Moseley injecting lip filler

What’s included

You’ll learn techniques like:

  • Facial mapping for optimal proportions
  • Advanced neurotoxin, dermal filler & collagen stimulators training
  • Needle positioning & depth
  • On & off-label training
  • Cannula training
  • Facial assessment for balancing
  • Rheology for appropriate products & dosage choices
  • and more

Credentials required

RN, NP, MD, PA or DO


  • $4500 for 4 hours
  • $1000 each additional person
  • plus travels fees

Limited availability

Watch-and-learn shadowing

Be a fly on the wall for a full day of patients

Ideal for novice injectors looking to gain insight into aesthetic medicine, or for injectors who are confident in their technique and want to continue learning.

In addition to observing best practices in treatment and technique, you’ll also get a peek behind the curtain of an established, successful practice—from patient retention to operations, sales, and more.

Courtney writing a prescription for a patient

What’s included

You’ll observe a variety of cases (typically between 10-20 patients) with treatments including:

  • Neurotoxins
  • Advanced neurotoxin, dermal filler & collagen stimulators
  • Dermal fillers and Sculptra®
  • PRF/PRP injections
  • ZO Skin Health® consults
  • CO2 laser treatments
  • and more

Credentials required

RN, NP, MD, PA or DO


  • 1-day shadowing: $2000
  • 2-day shadowing: $3500
  • 5-day shadowing: $5000

Available Monday – Friday

“My shadow experience with Courtney was inspiring and transformative!

The skills I have acquired help me feel more confident and empowered in my injecting career. I 100% recommend training and shadowing with her!

— Brittainy Kallgren, RN

one year in injectables, new business owner