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meet Courtney Moseley, aka the plastic pa™

Skincare shouldn’t be complicated

And you shouldn’t have to waste countless hours and tons of money just to find out what doesn’t deliver results.

More than injectables. More than a regimen.

Think of working with me as more like a masterclass on what actually works for your skin’s unique needs.

Courtney writing a customized skincare plan
headshot of Courtney Moseley, The Plastic PA

Courtney Moseley

aka The Plastic PA™

Physician Associate, Skincare Consultant & Injector Trainer

Your guide in your skincare journey

There are a lot of harmful misconceptions around skincare products, formulas, and treatments that keep people in the dark.

That leads to a lot of untrained injectors, unsafe or ineffective treatments, and unhappy clients.

I have higher standards for my industry.

Which is why, after more than a decade of learning from some of the top experts in the U.S., I began training other injectors on best practices in client care and offering virtual skincare consultations to patients nationwide. (I’m not done learning either, by the way.)

Empowerment for all

When I’m not reading a page-turning novel at the beach or boating with my family on Lake Norman, I’m freely sharing information and feisty, evidence-based skincare opinions on Instagram.

Because knowledge is power. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that everyone deserves to feel confident in their injector, their treatment and, most of all, themselves.

Emphasis on care

These are the values that drive our work

Approachability & Empathy

We are your partner in your skincare journey; we listen to your concerns, and support you as we work together to meet your goals.

Inclusivity & Equality

Everyone is welcome and deserving of quality skincare and aesthetic treatments.


We stay up-to-date on the latest research, advancements, and best practices in our field, while using evidence-based methods in our treatments and recommendations.

Authenticity & Relatibility

We prioritize communicating with clients using everyday
language that’s easy to understand.

“Courtney is amazing! I am so happy with my results. She is truly an artist at her craft, listening to your concerns, and coming up with solutions.”

— Rachel W.

Confidence starts with knowing what actually works for your skin

See how we can work together to achieve results with a process you can believe in.